SEND Supply Teacher – Time Management

SEND supply teacher – time management is becoming increasingly important as all SEND supply teachers are expected to prepare and plan for their own lessons, and to have some of your own resources available to assist you with this, in case you are assigned a supply SEND teaching job at short notice. Supply teaching staff are required to mark and assess students’ work; on a medium to long-term supply teaching job you may be required to take on extra duties such as liaison with parents/guardians and associated professionals such as Speech Therapists, Social Workers etc.

Here are some time management tips to help you

Plan your time – with clear goals, you set the foundation for organising yourself for the day, allocate time to assignments. SEND supply teacher time management is essential.

Learn to say no – don’t feel you need to take on everything that is given to you as a SEND school teacher. Consider your priorities and how a task might or might not contribute towards your goals, it’s ok to say no.

Eliminate time-wasters – what do you waste time on each day? Is it browsing on eBay for things you don’t need? Is it checking Facebook updates, looking at Instagram photos, or watching cute YouTube videos of cats? Or is it getting involved in unproductive chats and email chains that cause nothing but frustration?

Apply the Two-Minute Rule – in David Allen’s book ‘Getting Things Done’, he proposes applying the two-minute rule to everything we do, i.e. if it takes less than two minutes to complete, then get it done now. It would take more than two minutes if you were to come back to do it later.

I apply this rule to answering questions in emails and online groups (e.g. WhatsApp, Ning, Google groups), dealing with admin requests, photocopying/printing out handouts, and even daily household chores (e.g. taking the bin out, washing up).

Here’s the latest SEND school Government update regarding Covid 

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