SEND teaching opportunities are found in a variety of education establishments from specialist schools and colleges to mainstream schools, where SEN teachers support students with their learning needs arising from physical difficulties, learning difficulties or behavioural problems. Any individual assessed as having special needs must be given the opportunity to reach their educational potential through supported learning.

A shortage of SEND teachers means that many schools and SEND schools rely on SEND supply teachers to fulfil their needs whether it be short, medium or long-term job opportunities as well as assisting in finding candidates for permanent roles.  A key attribute to being a supply SEND teacher is to be able to quickly develop good working relationships with your students; being patient and understanding is vital. SEND supply teachers also need to keep themselves up to date with relevant equipment that is available to assist students, how it is used and how it supports learning, as well as the latest teaching methods.

Our specialised education recruitment consultants are experienced in assessing whether you are the right match for a SEND supply teaching role; be sure to inform them of any specialist skills you may have such as being able to use sign language, lip read or teach Braille.  Our specialist consultants will also obtain the relevant information you will need before you start your supply teaching role, as well as supporting you throughout. Our Staff Supply Teacher Handbook will be available to you once you have registered with us, which provides you with more detailed tips about what to do on your first day of starting a SEND supply teaching job.