What we stand for

Why we are proud

For over two decades, Key Stage Teacher Supply has been developing capacity in the classroom by placing the right teacher in the right classroom day after day. We have dedicated consultants who have the insight and knowledge to manage your needs quickly and effectively. We support people within the education profession to fulfil their career goals by providing them with the opportunity to learn, the potential to develop and the ability to succeed in their chosen career path.

Our professionalism and supportive approach mean we naturally build good working relationships with candidates which we utilise in order to understand their needs and place them in assignments we know will work all round. We have returning candidates who use us regularly, but we are always looking for new talent to meet our growing needs. We have forged close long-term relationships with local schools and nurseries across the Lancashire and Cumbria. This means we have a real time working knowledge of the nurseries and education establishments whom we help to provide workforce solutions, be it temporary or permanent.

Since 2019, we have been part of the Operam Education Group which has offered new dynamic ways to improve how we work through expert development and management and links us to a network of education recruitment agencies across the North West. This means we are naturally growing and becoming even better at what we do.

What we believe

We believe every individual should have the opportunity to learn and every classroom should facilitate that learning in the most effective way possible. We care about teachers and understand the pressures that education establishments and nurseries are under as well as the work life/ pressure that supply teachers may face. We think it is important that we make workforce solutions in education as easy and smooth as is possible, which is crucial in creating capacity in the classroom.

Getting to know our candidates is important to us; their skill sets, personality, short-term and long-term career goals along with their personal circumstances. Building such relationships takes time, but we believe that is what it takes to make the right judgment. We also believe understanding our clients’ needs, challenges, internal culture and academic targets are equally important; we go the extra mile to really get to know the schools with whom we work.

We believe our supportive but innovative culture means our staff are dedicated in helping resolve needs all round whatever the time pressures or perceived challenges may be. This also means that our company culture makes us a great place to work because it helps us to naturally develop staff, building careers beyond where they thought they could reach, creating an inspirational environment.

How we support

The staff from Key Stage Teacher Supply are committed to doing their best wherever and whenever they can and overcome challenges in order to do so. We have consultants in all of our three branches who are dedicated to supporting your needs and from the outset you will realise that we strive to exceed your expectations. Our consultants take the time to listen if you have any concerns or questions and will check how things are going, finding solutions to any issues you may have and ensuring that all needs are being met.

The candidates we work with know that we want to offer them assignments that are in keeping with their needs, but we take long-term approach in helping them with their careers in the education profession. This is even more so with ECTs who may need guidance and support to nurture a successful teaching career. Our long-term experience of the education sector means we are well positioned to offer ECTs the advice they need to develop a firm foundation that they can build on in their future in the education profession.

We like to develop potential in our staff and grow their careers beyond what they thought was possible; whatever level people are joining us. We recognise the importance of a healthy work/life balance, embedding this in our company culture because we value our employees’ passion and dedication in creating capacity in the classroom.