I will arrive at school smartly, suitably dressed and well presented.

I will arrive early at the school to familiarise myself with it and so I can meet other members of staff. (By 8am is a good first impression).

I will keep my mobile on silent/switched off while in the classroom and only access it for messages during break times.


I will not leave pupils unattended for any reason.

I will ensure that I am never left alone with a pupil in a classroom.

I will manage the behaviour of pupils in a firm but fair approach and will make sure that the school makes me aware of their behaviour policy at the beginning of my assignment.

I will not make physical contact with pupils under any circumstances including anything construed as a light-hearted gesture. I will not use any form of physical punishment and will deal with any serious discipline matters in a non-confrontational manner by adhering to the school behaviour management policy.


I will ask for help from another member of staff if I need to.

If I am unable to complete an assignment due to illness, I will call Key Stage Teacher Supply as soon as possible, using the out of hours service if appropriate leaving my full details- name, address and where I was due to be working.

I will mark all work at the end of each day.

I will leave classrooms neat and tidy.


I will keep in contact with Key Stage Teacher Supply regarding my availability for work by replying to their weekly email.