Time Management – Important skill for NQTs

Here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we want our NQTs to have the best possible start to their careers. Supply teaching is a great preparation for a long and successful career, but it comes with the same time-management challeges as other teaching work – particularly in longer-term bookings.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a new teacher, particularly when you become aware of all that the job entails. Teaching is rewarding and demanding, so it’s best to develop your time management skill at the earliest opportunity. Doing so will amplify the rewards and minimise the demands. One of the important elements of time management is being able to create a boundary between your workl and your personal life. This will never be set in stone – but whatever works best for you, stick to it.

Whatever you do, try to make sure you don’t end up working at every opportunity. Not only do you deserve free time, but planning your working hours will mean you’re more capable as a teacher.

Prioritise. Making lists can be a big help, but also try to split your tasks into 3 categories: ‘urgent’, ‘important’ and ‘can wait’. By doing so, you can map your work more easily and avoid missed deadlines.

Remember you are not alone. Your mentors and tutors are there for a reason, but they may not want to interfere unless appraoched. And don’t forget the staffroom can be a great learning environment, as well as a place to relax.


If you are interested in supply work in Lancashire or Cumbria, then we have both short and longer-term work available in schools local to our Blackburn, Chorley and Lancaster branches. Call Catherine on 01254 507210 for more information.

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