The year ahead

As schools look at determining grades for years 11 and 13, consideration has started to take place on other years whose learning has been greatly impacted by the pandemic.
Simon Lebus, the interim chief regulator for Ofqual has stated that: “…based on the reality of the cohort taking exams, next year will have suffered considerable disruption to their learning, though we would hope not on the scale and at the level that has been suffered by this year’s cohort, it would be a reasonable thing to carry out some form of public exams but that they would be adapted to reflect the learning disruption that’s taken place. Reflection on what we do longer-term to the exam system to take account of the disruption that’s occurred over the last three years and the disjunct before and after is needed”.

The adaptations under consideration for 2022, would be similar to those proposed for this summer’s assessments before they were cancelled. This would mean that pupils would get advance notice of topics in certain subjects and be allowed to use exam aids.

It is nationally accepted that the impact of the pandemic on education will last for several years to come, such has been the impact of lost learning. The government has allocated £1.3bn of funding for catch-up programmes in England as well as funds to aid wellbeing initiatives; the EPI has proposed £650m of extra funding for additional school staff and in-school counselling programmes in England. Consideration is being given to longer school days, a shorter summer holiday period, as well as tutoring provisions that have already been put in place.

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