Secondary Supply Staff Teaching at Key Stage

Secondary supply staff teaching at Key Stage: What makes us different? It’s simple, we genuinely care about our teachers. When on supply you do not always have a ‘place of abode’.  You will quickly experience that each consultant will make the time to listen, chat things over if your day has not gone as expected.  They’ll also check in with you to make sure you are happy in your role; find solutions to any issues you may have and ensure that your needs are being met.

When you are finishing a secondary supply staff teaching assignment or becoming available again, we actively market you to our schools to get you your next secondary supply teacher role. We do not forget you. This dedication to you is part of your candidate journey with us.

Please take a look at our candidate testimonials to get a feel of the relationship we build with our candidates. We put your needs first.

A typical supply teaching day as a secondary school teacher requires:

  • Making a great first impression. You are representing Key Stage as well as yourself.  Believe us – you are always being looked at for future work at your school.
  • Being part of your team, saying hello and even going to see your peers in the staff room.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills. Sometimes on secondary teacher supply, you’re likely not to be staying in one place for very long, so it is imperative to get along with students and the faculty quickly.
  • Adaptability, as you can expect no two days will be the same as a secondary school teacher.  Having the ability to adapt to ever changing environments can be challenging, however if you are in the mind set to tackle them head on, you’ll excel in your day.
  • Creativity, although not necessary for every subject in the curriculum, always helps when trying to communicate with secondary students.  If you can think up creative and new ways to get ideas across, you’ll have your student’s attention.
  • To take charge of a secondary classroom that is not used to you. This can pose a challenge.  A confident and prepared secondary supply teacher makes managing a class an easier and more productive experience.

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