Candidate Reviews
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Together creating your opportunity to teach.

Martine Harwood

Mar 1, 2020

If I need support or just to phone with a question or query they are more than happy to help with the right information I need.

Debbie C

Feb 28, 2020

Key Stage is the best agency I’ve worked with for personal, friendly service! They’re always looking out for your personal needs, whether you want to work full time or 1 day a week.

Ben M

Feb 27, 2020

Having done supply work and gained experience with a number of different agencies I registered with key Stage Teaching Supply through their Lancaster office.

Stacy R

Feb 27, 2020

I have been registered with Key Stage since 2015 and have found every member of staff I’ve spoken to or corresponded with on any level to be polite, helpful and really friendly.

Gina L

Feb 18, 2020

My experience so far has been professional and very helpful. My registration interview with Holly was straightforward and I came away feeling very positive.

Sarah W

Feb 18, 2020

Key Stage Teacher Supply are a professional and friendly team. They are always willing to answer queries and easy to contact. They have helped me to find regular work over 3 years now.