What’s involved working within Early Years Learning Providers

For decades we’ve been placing teachers and early years practitioners within nurseries around Lancashire and Cumbria.  We’ve gained insight into the type of person suited to working within an early-years learning environment, which we’re keen to share with anyone considering a profession within this area.

Working within ‘early years’ schools, often referred to as a nursery, can be a stressful environment with quite a lot of responsibility, as you’re responsible for social and educational development of young babies, but if you enjoy working with young children the pressure won’t phase you.

The role of a nursery nurse obviously varies depending on the age of the children you are caring for, so here is a very general overview of what is involved:

  • Making sure children are safe and reporting any concerns
  • Teaching general life skills, such as basic hygiene and manners
  • Reading stories to groups of children
  • Helping children learn number skills by using counting games
  • Observe children’s progress and keep records to share with parents
  • Feeding and changing babies, and supervising meals of older children

It is not always possible to predict a working day, as the unexpected can happen when dealing with children! You must be constantly on your toes and prepared to change your plans as circumstance demands, being flexible is a crucial part of the job!