Secondary teaching supply staff -behaviour management

As part of our commitment to support our candidates working as secondary teaching supply staff, we’ve summarised some tips to help you develop your behaviour and classroom management skills. The ability to demonstrate strong behaviour management strategies will give you a huge advantage in securing future work and will also make your day that little bit easier!

Follow these simple rules for effective behaviour management, with a list of Do’s

Secondary Teaching Supply Staff – Do’s

  • Do prepare thoroughly in advance, if you fail to prepare you have prepared to fail! As secondary school teacher you’ll need to super organised.
  • Do inform the pupils that you are writing up an overview of the day to leave with their teacher.
  • Do get to know names and use them throughout the lessons – draw up a seating plan if you have time.
  • Do separate behaviour from the pupil (ie. talk about the behaviour as an object).
  • Do create inventive lessons – make use of props that will attract your pupils’ attention, secondary school teachers sometimes forget that creativeness is just as important as within a primary setting.
  • Do emphasise the good behaviour in the classroom instead of the bad.
  • Do show consistency and be fair in your actions.
  • Dress with authority to gain respect, this is particularly important as secondary school teacher.
  • Do praise the students on either side of a student (bracketing).
  • Do use humour if you can, secondary school teachers can often release classroom tension with an injection of laughter.
  • Do use treats and rewards for good behaviour, recognition is important for confidence building at secondary level.
  • Do end the day properly by allowing a bit of time to wind down, answer questions, put equipment away.

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