World Cup teaching ideas

As the FIFA World Cup started at the weekend, we thought we would list 10 of the best teaching football World Cup teaching ideas. Using world cup themed lesson plans is a great way to engage students. I think you will agree that there will be a lot of students who will be interested in it and you can use that motivation for learning in the classroom.

You do not have to be a PE teacher to get involved.  Our lesson ideas can be used if you are a primary teacher, Geography teacher, History teacher, Art teacher or are a tutor looking for a theme for registration.

10 World Cup teaching ideas

  1. You could help pupils learn about the history of football, both for men and women.
  2. Learn about Qatar, where it is, culture, flag, language, etc
  3. Raise your pupils’ awareness of the controversy about holding the World Cup in Qatar; it’s on the news a lot.
  4. Why not take a look at all the different flags of the participating countries.
  5. If you want your class to work in groups, firstly, why not get them to research a country taking part in the world cup. Secondly, then get them to present their facts etc to the class.
  6. How many different languages are spoken by the participating teams?
  7. Help your pupils enter ‘The World Cup Reading Challenge’ which runs until Wednesday 21 December. You can find out more by clicking here
  8. Ask your pupils to design their own football kit with an explanation as to why they have chosen colours/patterns to represent themselves.
  9. For older pupils, why not ask them to write a report about a football game.
  10. Get pupils to be creative and explore variations of how to play the game, e.g. hopping instead off running. Then get them to act it out and have a vote for the best one.