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Interview coming up? Calm the jitters with these tips…

Here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we have a lot of long-term positions starting in January – and now is the time of year when interviews will be happening.

While a lot of the usual, general advice also applies to teaching interviews – eye contact, concise answers, relaxed open posture, remembering your interviewers name… (the list goes on) – there are particular sets of questions to be prepared for as well.

Click here for a really good, comprehensive list – speaking from personal experience, you will certainly encounter at least some of these questions. It pays to be prepared – why not sketch out rough answers to each question in note form?

This Guardian article goes even further and asks Heads what sorts of answers they are looking in response to 10 key questions.

Now you are feeling clued up and ready, you should take a look at our current list of vacancies here. Or you can always give me a call on 01254 507210 to discuss registration.


Published Date: 8th November 2018
Category: General, Key Stage Supply, Supply Teaching