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“I’m thinking about joining a supply agency…”

A post written by Mark, one of our Consultants who is also a former teacher…

“I’m thinking about joining a supply agency…”

We hear the above phrase regularly, but working as a Recruitment Consultant in today’s education sector is very different to what it used to be. As a former supply teacher myself working with a handful of different agencies and covering different regions, I got the feeling that supply was driven by the schools and what they needed – this was then passed on to the agencies who came up with the ‘best fit’ for the job. Not necessarily fitting a square peg in a round hole, but maybe an ‘oval peg’ in a round hole…

At Key Stage Teacher Supply, we are much more candidate-driven. We assess our candidates across a number of competencies, follow a rigorous compliance procedure, understand the teacher’s strengths and really get a feel for what their career plans and goals are. With this information, we can approach opportunities with the candidate in mind and if we are sure that the candidate we have can add value to the school, staff, class and children in question, it is at this point that we introduce them.

Maybe it’s just us?! I have often thought that our success across Lancashire and Cumbria over the last 15 years may be the reason that we are able to approach schools in this way. We have great relationships with the schools in the area and a fantastic reputation, so why wouldn’t a Headteacher listen to us if we have a particularly strong teacher? However, using the ‘chicken and egg’ analogy – without the candidate-driven approach during our start-up, would we have been able to develop the positive working relationships over the last 15 years?

Either way, the bottom line is this: supply teaching with Key Stage is anything you’d like it to be. And I’m NOT just telling you whatever I think you want to hear. I work with Newly Qualified Teachers looking to get their first permanent job, semi-retired teachers who have spent 40 years in full-time permanent positions who want to take a step back and absolutely EVERYTHING in-between.

If you are “thinking about joining a supply agency”, please give us a call to have a chat with us. A lot of our consultants are former teachers who will give you the honest facts about supply teaching and what we can offer. To learn more about the opportunities open to you across Lancashire and Cumbria, please get in contact:

Or contact our Resource Co-ordinator (another former teacher) Catherine Byrom on 01254 507210 / to arrange an interview at one of our local branches – Blackburn, Chorley or Lancaster.

Published Date: 24th April 2015
Category: Supply Teaching