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Happy Christmas and New Year from Key Stage Teacher Supply!

All of us at Key Stage Teacher Supply would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supply staff for their efforts over the last term and the whole of 2018. We know how challenging it is to work in education, whether you are a teacher or a member of support staff. We also know that the rewards outweigh the challenges for all you hard-working and dedicated people,,, Believe us, we really do understand how hard you work for your students.

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, whether you are celebrating or just taking the time to have a well-deserved rest.

We are still open until Monday 24th, when we will close and then reopen on Wednesday 2nd January. When we are closed, the usual phone numbers will apply, as they divert to mobiles:

Blackburn 01254 507210

Chorley 01257 240960

Lancaster 01524 597170

See you in January!

Published Date: 19th December 2018
Category: Key Stage Supply, News & Events, Supply Teaching