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Do you have a Letter Box?

You may be wondering why this question is relevant to our industry blog? Well please do not leave the page and read on.

I regularly meet with my Headteachers and one topic that is always discussed (and boy do I hear some amusing and yet concerning accounts of their experiences) is the quality and variety of prospective candidates that come to view their school.

By this I mean the very first time that the Headteacher has the opportunity to engage with and meet with their possible future recruit.

The reason why I am writing this blog is to give anyone applying for a teaching job just 2 valuable tips of what you should be thinking about when you go to tour a school.

The first thing to remember is that a tour of the school is the first stage of the recruitment process. You are being observed by the Headteacher and the staff. All eyes are on you and I am afraid to say that ‘First impressions’ really count at this point.

Tip 1 – Present yourself in a professional way. The below list are all genuine experiences my Headteachers have had.

Headteachers expect business style dress. What impression does it give them of you if you arrive in;

  • Ugg boots
  • Flip flops
  • 4 inch heals that you have difficulty walking in
  • Leggings
  • Geggings
  • Low cut tops (I am speaking about both females and males here )
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Unshaven
  • Unwashed
  • Hair unbrushed
  • Hair multi- coloured
  • Excessive jewellery
  • Excessive make-up


The list is endless and I hope you get the point  but believe me whatever age you are and whatever fashion trends are out there, please take the time to dress and present yourself in a more conservative way.  I am afraid to say that what you regard as appropriate dress may have cost you an interview.

Tip 2  – Ask appropriate and relevant questions. Think about what you need to ask and even practice what you are going to say. You do not need to feel that you need to ask a million and one questions. Being over the top and too enthusiastic can be very off putting to a Headteacher.

Without a word of a lie a prospective candidate asked the question:

‘Do you have a letter box?’

I shall let you ponder of this one and make your own decision.

Can you think of a time when any of the above applied and you possibly did not get called for an interview? Competition is high ladies and gentleman and if you just have a reflection on the above it may make a difference.

Published Date: 5th July 2012
Category: Supply Teaching
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