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Best excuses in the world…

During many years in recruitment, I have heard lots of reasons why people have not attended work. Some are more creative than others, some downright puzzling. Although supply teachers have rarely let us down, there have been occasions when a booking has slipped a teachers mind or they have just not bothered to call us in order for us to take action to find a replacement.

Deaths and illnesses are the most common reasons for cancelling work and are obviously quite acceptable. A recent excuse was that due to the impending fuel strike they were unable to go to work as they were saving their fuel…you know who you are!

As for the more bizarre, I never quite got to the bottom of the individual whose reason for not going to work was that “his brother had the shoes”. The idea that one sibling couldn’t go out when his brother did has stayed with me for many years.

Other excuses include the gentleman who went deaf overnight or so he said over the phone, the worker who locked himself in his house and a plethora of people who cancel work in order to wait for the washing machine repair man.

From our point of view, you don’t need to provide an elaborate excuse for not going to work, but we do appreciate as much notice as possible…if you are ill at midnight, just leave a message on our phone there and then and we will replace you in that booking until you are better. But if you do come up with a really good excuse, please share it with us…we like a laugh!

Published Date: 23rd May 2012
Category: Supply Teaching