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A Prime Time for Primary Teachers

We are looking for primary supply teachers who specialise in Early Years, Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 – or all three! We always have day-to-day supply available for those who prefer the flexibility of working casually, or long-term supply for those who can commit to either part-time or full-time work. We are also regularly approached by schools looking to recruit a permanent member of staff.

Key Stage Teacher Supply works with over 300 schools and nurseries across Lancashire and Cumbria, and so we have local work available all year round. We have established a reputation for supplying quality teachers to suit our client’s needs, and so we are very much in demand – and so are our primary teachers!

To find out more about registration with Key Stage Teacher Supply, call Catherine on 01254 507210. 

Published Date: 19th September 2018
Category: Blackburn, Chorley, Key Stage Supply, Lancaster, Supply Teaching