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9 reasons why supply teaching is right for you

Here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we know that there are as many reasons that people register for supply as there are supply teachers. With that in mind, we still have a list of 9 particularly good reasons to consider supply teaching, and here they are….


When you are used to conforming to term times for your holidays (and often missing special occasions) it is quite a novelty to book a holiday in June, or be able to take a day off for your birthday in November! You are always free to take time for yourself on supply – unless you are in a long-term booking of course.


Being a supply teacher is essentially freelance work, retaining your professional status and remaining up-to-date with CPD of course. Here at Key Stage, we run CPD programmes all year, so you don’t fall behind your peers while you are enjoying your autonomy and freedom.


Regularly seeing new schools, staff and children will broaden your experience and expose you to new ideas and methods of teaching. This can only be a good thing, as it develops your knowledge and experience – even if you don’t adopt every single new method you see.


With all the freedom you need to set the number of days you would like to work (and where), supply teaching is ideal for retired teachers who want to keep their skills current.

New Hobbies

If you develop outside interests that take up a lot of your spare time, supply teaching gives you the time and flexibility to really pursue them. While it’s important to give a day’s supply work your full commitment – doing all the necessary marking and notes, etc – there’s no denying that supply teachers get a lot more free time in the evenings and holidays.


Following relocation, supply teaching is a great way to see the local schools while you are applying for longer term. It gets you known in lots of schools in a short period of time – ideal for job seekers.

Taking a test drive

A similar point to the one above, supply teaching allows you to see a new school on a short-term basis before you apply for jobs there.

Return to teaching

For teachers who have been away from the profession for a while, supply teaching will enable you to add up-to-date experience to your CV – essential for gaining employment in a school again. It proves renewed commitment and interest in teaching, and reassures employers that your experience is up-to-date again.

Earn as you learn

If you start a new qualification, a full-time job as a teacher can be very hard to juggle with study. The flexibility afforded by supply teaching will allow you the time to complete your studies whilst working (virtually) full-time. It’s a win-win situation!

If you would to discuss registration,  please call Catherine on 01254 507210. We have offices in Blackburn, Chorley or Lancaster, covering pver 300 schools acoss Lancashire and cumbria.

Published Date: 10th August 2015
Category: Supply Teaching