As it says in the code of practice for teachers in England, “every teacher is a teacher of SEND”. It is the right of children with SEND to attend mainstream schools, and to receive the very best quality teaching and learning that meets their needs.

At Key Stage Teacher Supply, we know our staff are very interested in this subject, which is why we regularly arrange formal training in areas relating to SEND teacher jobs. Here are a few more general tips for teachers:

  • Read the child’s file (EHCP – Education, Health and Care plan) or statement of SEN. It contains information, observations and recommendations, and therefore helps you to plan small, stepped targets that are measurable. This is your job, not the SENCO or Teaching Assistant’s.
  • Research the child’s condition if you don’t know much about it. Some conditions will have national associations, with access to advice, training and good websites.
  • Parents are important, and they are an invaluable source of information. Getting them in for a chat about their child shows that you are keen to learn more and will help to develop a really positive relationship.
  • Ask the child about their learning preferences – for instance, maybe they prefer one-to-one support in full class teaching sessions, or they may prefer to sit with everyone else and then have a recap with you of their TA. This may throw up a few surprises, and their input is certainly more important than everyone else’s!

Interested in developing your SEND experience as a teacher or teaching assistant/nursery nurse? Please get in touch with your local branch so that the Consultants can take your career development into account when placing you in bookings.

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