Secondary School Careers

So many challenges within teaching continue today and it is true that each year more bureaucracy and school politics seem to creep into secondary school careers and teaching, but the reward remains the same.

Working as a secondary school teacher gives you the opportunity to genuinely influence a child’s future career. You can inspire and motivate youngsters and encourage them to learn but first they have to like you!  No pupil is going to thrive in a negative environment, I make a consistent effort to get to know as many pupils as I can – yes it can be difficult when you have 33 in the classroom, but you have to try.

I tend to navigate towards the most difficult pupil, you can easily spot the pupils who are obstructive to learning but the reward is so much bigger when you’ve managed to change their attitude.

Last year (2019) I celebrated 10 years of secondary school maths teaching, if I’ve influenced just one pupil each year, that’s 10 careers I’ve helped to nurture.

When you feel exhausted and disheartened, as we all do at times, watch a couple of TED Talks to remember why you started your teaching career. One great video is ‘what do teachers do?’ … they make astronauts, engineers, actors, doctors, solicitors; the list is endless.

Secondary school careers really are rewarding.

Why register with us for careers in secondary schools?

  • Work/life balance – you choose when and where you want to work
  • Day to day, short/long term contracts and permanent positions
  • The chance to enhance your experience and opportunities
  • Excellent hourly rates of pay
  • Friendly consultants, always at the end of the phone

We have great relationships with more than 300 schools and nurseries, and we are regarded as the ‘Go to Agency’. Our candidates are so popular with our client schools that they’re often requested back by name, and even offered long-term and permanent positions.

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