Primary Supply Teacher Guide

Your 10-point primary supply teacher guide at Key Stage Teacher Supply

  1. Keep in touch
    Communication is our most important tool and works both ways; you need to know what’s going on and when, and so do we. The more promptly you can give us your availability, the more quickly we can sort out your next assignment.
  2. Quality counts
    Our schools demand the best educational provision for their pupils, so there are standards and compliances that you need to work to during your time with us. In turn, we promise to provide you with the information and training to make sure that you are able to do that.
  3. Dress the part
    First impressions are important, so no jeans, leggings or shorts, and male teachers should wear a shirt and tie. (Also, of course, no mobiles in the classroom.)
  4. Getting there
    Plan to arrive no later than 8.30am, unless otherwise notified. This gives you the chance to find out about school routines (lunch times, dinner money, playground duties, etc), and relevant policies and procedures.
  5. Who are you?
    Always carry your Key Stage ID card for security purposes, and please take your current Enhanced DBS Certificate to show on your first day in any new booking.
  6. Be prepared
    You may find yourself in a classroom with no lesson plans, so you will be expected to use your own resources, which should be National Curriculum-based and set at an appropriate level for the age of the students you are teaching. Use Key Stage’s resource page for up to date information, ideas and lesson plans. You should leave notes about what you have covered, with details of any disciplinary or behavioural issues, at the end of the day . Mark all work you have set. Don’t leave primary-age children unattended. For longer assignments, you must be prepared to undertake detailed planning and preparation – possibly alongside other teachers – and to help in other professional activities, such as staff meetings, parents’ evenings, marking exams and writing reports.
  7. Time is money
    It is your responsibility to submit an on-line timesheet for each day you work. This must be submitted by Sunday evening. Failure to submit on time may delay payment.
  8. Pay day
    Your payment for the previous week will be paid weekly into your bank or building society via BACS.
  9. Tax and National Insurance
    Income tax, where applicable, will be deducted from your pay by Key Stage Teacher Supply each week, along with your National Insurance contribution, and paid to HMRC. If you don’t have an up to date P45, we’ll ask you to complete a P46.
  10. Safety first
    Always remember that you’re responsible for the health and safety of the pupils — and yourself. Don’t do anything you’re not capable of or trained to do and ask for instructions if using unfamiliar equipment. Talk to us if you have any concerns at all. It is your role to safeguard the well-being of the children in your care, so if you have any concerns around child protection, please immediately inform both the designated safeguarding officer in the school, as well as your local Key Stage office.

Keep this primary supply teacher guide handy and finally, remember to enjoy yourself.

Survival as a primary school teacher rests on finding a healthy balance between personal and classroom life!

Here’s a link to Government guidelines for Primary School reopening.

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