A primary supply teacher in Cumbria

Patricia has been a primary school teacher for over 20 years, the latter 10 years working as a supply teacher across Cumbria. Choosing a career you enjoy, means you hardly ever get those Monday morning blues, which so many people regularly feel. Obviously, there are challenges with teaching, like any other profession and some would say classroom politics have diminished the enjoyment of teaching.

For Patricia the love of teaching remains the same; here she shares her own views on why working as a primary supply teacher in Cumbria is so rewarding

You will no doubt hear this many times, but what is so rewarding about being a primary school teacher? When you are educating children at such a young age you can literally see the positive effects each day, from term to term you are witnessing children learning the very basics of reading and writing but also learning to communicate and socialise as part of a group.

Making a difference
Teaching such young children will give you the chance to make a hugely positive impact on their education and behaviour. You will observe how personalities are forming, it’s a chance to influence the value of friendship, fairness and honesty throughout life.

The innocence of children can be extremely humorous at times, you’ll find yourself laughing almost every day and retelling classroom stories. There is plenty of scope for creativity in the classroom too, you can make lesson fun and very interactive.

Every day is different
Many jobs offer a varied and different type of day, but with primary school teaching the unpredictability of young children gives you an added element of variety. The days go extremely quickly, you’ll be surprised what you learn yourself each day!

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