Why primary school supply teaching?

Here at Key Stage, we love to hear stories about why our supply teachers love what they do, so here are our top reasons why everyone should fall in love with the best job in town – primary school supply teaching!

  1. The kids are brilliant
    Not only are you getting the opportunity to have more experience in the classroom: you get a snapshot view of some amazing young people’s lives. Key Stage make sure you get matched to the most appropriate school for you, making primary school supply teaching across Lancashire and Cumbria great!
  2. Differentiation from day to day
    No two days are the same in supply teaching. Key Stage branches in Blackburn, Chorley and Lancaster send their teachers to all sorts of schools in lots of different areas across the North West, from Accrington to Ulverston, in an array of subject areas. The varieties of placements available mean that every day is different.
  3. Long term opportunitiesIn supply, teachers could be covering classes for prolonged periods of time, keeping our teachers busy for weeks or months, and with great, long term jobs can come greater, and longer-term opportunities (you might even secure yourself a full-time role). Key Stage offers both day-to-day and long-term placements for their teachers.
  4. The Fun Factor
    There are worse ways to spend your days than helping a class of young people in a cover lesson. On the Key Stage website, we provide fun tips for lesson plans and our consultants provide support for NQTs, as well as book and website recommendations. Your placement will be as fun and interesting as you make it, and with the diversity between jobs, supply teaching is sure to keep you on your toes.
  5. You make a difference
    What could be better than teaching a class of nine-year-olds how to spell ‘because’, or explaining that the moon isn’t made of cheese to a year two class? Supply teachers have the capability of making young people into educated and responsible citizens, whether it be through a 60-minute session or two months of lessons.

Here’s a link to Government guidelines for Primary School reopening.

For more information on why we think that supply teaching is simply the best, give us a call, or check out more details within our primary sector page.