Frank Primary School Teacher

Frank qualified as a primary school teacher in July 2018, gaining both a PGCE and QTS. Keen to embark on his teaching career, Frank wanted to absorb as much experience as possible at various primary schools throughout Lancashire, therefore, opting for supply teaching roles seemed an ideal route.

Coinciding with the new academic year, Frank began his teaching career as a primary school supply teacher in September 2018.  For the last 12 months it’s been a non-stop succession of placements, including 3 long-term assignments, several medium placements and regular day to day cover.  All of the assignments have provided an abundance of learning, experience and of course the ultimate sense of satisfaction which overrides the challenges and pressures of teaching today.

Frank offers some excellent advice on how to become a successful supply primary school teacher.

“For me organisation is the key to enjoying the job and coping with last minute day to day assignments. I like to feel in control and organised, so I do a lot of personal preparation at the beginning of the week, I organise food and clothes for the week, so I don’t waste time cooking.  I have all shirts ironed, lunches prepared, and I even fill the car with petrol on a Sunday night.’

Frank acknowledges how important it is for a supply teacher to be placed within the right teaching environment. Joining an agency that attentively listens to your preferences, continually seeks feedback, regularly communicates and understands the teaching profession, has played a pivotal role in his first year of supply teaching.  Frank commented:

“I would recommend Key Stage Teacher Supply because they are reliable, communicate often and they regularly found me work over the past year. I even completed a term of my NQT through a school Key Stage found, which was a great help to me”. 

Frank top tips for supply primary school teacher survival are:

  • Get yourself personally organised so you can tackle anything that week.
  • Do your homework on the school, read the Ofsted reports.
  • Be friendly with the staff, you’d be surprised what you can learn from TA’s.
  • Always follow administration guides and rules from Key Stage.
  • Find a routine of relaxing at the end of the day – get a good night’s sleep.

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