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World Science Day

Today is World Science Day, where we celebrate the contribution that scientists make to the world as a whole and to our everyday lives – and think about about ways to support the development of our future scientists in schools.

Nationally, there is a shortage of teachers across all science subjects, and that is reflected in the high levels of demand that Key Stage Teacher Supply experience all year round from schools across Lancashire and Cumbria. While that is a problem that national government is investing in with bursaries and other incentives to train, it does put existing science teachers in a good position Рvery much in demand!

If you are looking for work in secondary schools across Lancashire or Cumbria, please give us a call on 01254 507210. We have branches in Blackburn, Chorley and Lancaster serving over 300 local schools, and we have year-round opportunities for short and long-term work.


Published Date: 10th November 2016
Category: News & Events