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Upcoming Changes to the Disclosure & Barring Service

Over the past 6 months the government has been making changes to the way DBS Checks (formally known as CRB’s) are conducted. Most of the changes have been slight, including the change of the name of the check and have little impact on how Key Stage Teacher Supply has managed this important safeguarding check.
In the coming month we are expecting a big change to happen that will have positive benefits for temporary workers, including supply teachers. The Disclosure & Barring Service have confirmed this month that from the 17 of June the new update service will come into effect which will change dramatically how DBS checks are processed.
From this date, as an applicant only you will receive a copy of your DBS certificate which is a change from both the Employer and Applicant receiving a copy. The other important change is the introduction of the Update Service which will allow any new employers to check if your DBS certificate is still valid.
It is important to note as a supply teacher, registering to the Update Service will remove the need to apply for additional DBS checks as employers will be able to check online if there are any changes to the information on your current check. So it is important to remember that if you apply for a DBS with anyone that you register with the Update Service.
This will allow us more flexibility and allow us to ensure that new registrations can have their safeguards checked quicker and allow us to have you out in schools a lot quicker.
As more information comes to light about the changes we will keep everyone informed. As far as we are aware it will not affect current CRB/DBS holders so you will still be able to work on your current check but will allow for much more flexibility moving forward.
A copy of the guidance for applicants can be found below:

DBS Applicant Guidelines

Published Date: 29th May 2013
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