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Key Stage Teacher Supply – A great choice for NQTs

When deciding the next step to take in your career at the end of your teacher training, supply work can be a fantastic, positive option.   We at Key Stage Teacher Supply pride ourselves on the number of NQTs that have begun their career with us.  They have been able to experience a wide range of learning environments, practising a variety of teaching and learning styles and strengthening their classroom management skills.

‘After deciding that I didn’t want to go straight into a full time job after qualifying, I thought that doing supply teaching would be the best thing for me.  Four months in, and I can definitely say that I am loving my time on supply… My first day on supply was teaching in a Year 1 class. I was very nervous but the girls were very supportive, providing me with lots of information to help me prepare. I have worked at this school many times since.  The girls have managed to get me lots of work at different places and I regularly go back.  I believe that I have had a much better experience as an NQT than my friends who went into full time teaching posts, as I have had to adopt many more teaching approaches and I have managed to pinch lots of successful teaching and management ideas. This has also improved my confidence.’
N. White, Supply Primary Teacher

It is possible to register with Key Stage Teacher Supply before you have completed your NQT year, as you can work as a teaching assistant or unqualified teacher before your training is complete. To register, call us on 01254 507210 (Blackburn), 01257 240960 (Chorley), 01524 597170 (Lancaster) or 01925 594494 (Warrington).

Published Date: 16th January 2014
Category: News & Events