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Key Stage Teacher Supply, the first recruiter to be accredited to Compliance+

Being one of the first recruiters to be accredited to APSCo’s Compliance+, the new best practice standard for education recruitment, Jane Scott, Managing Director of Key Stage Teacher Supply  was asked to say a few words about her experience of the audit process  at the Launch of Compliance+ ,which was held at the House of Commons.

As a specialist education recruiter we have a have a huge responsibility when it comes to safeguarding, in fact to over 7000 children each week.  So that is why it is so important for us to give the assurance to our head teachers, business managers, parents and more so our children that we have carefully selected our candidates. And it is not just those candidates that had rigorous safeguarding checks but also those candidates that have been scrutinized for their competency to actually give the children the  best leaning experience.

Being accredited to compliance+ re- enforces that level of assurance and peace of mind that is needed amongst our schools.

Preparing for the audit was a fabulous health  check on our business as we revisited our  current  processes and policies to ensure that we fulfilled the all the strict  standards. It even identified adjustments to some of our systems.

It was also a great training exercise and clearly communicated to our team that this is the high level of recruitment practice that we want to continue to adopt throughout our company.

No matter who a school speaks to within Key Stage Teacher Supply, they can be assured that each individual is fully aware and up to date with safe recruitment processes, and because Compliance+ is designed to evolve as changes in legislations happen and better ways of practice occur, it does not allow for complacency.

As part of the audit process, there is actually a requirement to select several team members and interview them, under the spot light, to determine their knowledge of safer recruitment and current policies.

It was not that Key Stage Teacher Supply was not operating to high standards of practice before compliance+, but there are further standards that will differentiate us from our competitors.

One particular standard is the Evaluation Passport.

This requires Teachers , with their consent, to be observed by the Headteacher on the standards of teaching and learning required by Ofsted.

Already the’Evaluation Passport’  has had a great reception from our Headteachers and Key Stage Teacher Supply will be implementing this requirement in the forthcoming months.

Being accredited to Compliance+, demonstrates to our schools and candidates  that we are all totally committed to operating to a high level of compliancy related to safeguarding and competency.








Published Date: 12th January 2014
Category: News & Events