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Are you still working through an umbrella company? Consider the benefits of working with Key Stage Teacher Supply

With the rule changes implemented by HMRC last year, the tax advantages of being able to offset expenses have largely evaporated.

Many agencies still insist their temporary workers sign up to their preferred umbrella company as, unlike Key Stage, they do not have their own payroll department.

What is often not made clear are the charges of between £20 and £30 per week made by the umbrella, paid out of your wage, a yearly cost to you of up to £1200.

The cost advantage to the agency is obviously considerable, but why should you pay for a service that should be provided by the agency anyway?

At Key Stage we do not charge or take a cut to process your wages and, being in-house, it is easy for you to contact us with any pay query you may have – without having to speak to a third party.

Contact your nearest Key Stage branch to arrange an interview and start saving on unnecessary charges.  Blackburn 01254 507210, Chorley 01257 240960, Lancaster 012524 597170.

Published Date: 13th October 2016
Category: General, News & Events