National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is on the 1st of October 2020, but it is not day bound by one day – it’s a storehouse of limitless ideas and activities free to use all year round, whether at home or in the virtual/actual classroom.

Some schools celebrate one day, some celebrate the whole week, but whichever your school chooses, there is a wide variety of national competitions to access to spark the imagination even further. Entering competitions means joining a community of creative minds to share ideas and ignite each other’s passion for poetry.

The theme chosen for 2020 is vision and in order to help you gain some ideas of lesson plans to spark a student’s creative flare, we have attached a guide. This will not only save you time thinking of lessons plan ideas for National Poetry Day but will also provide innovative ways to inject creativity into the classroom.

The toolkit includes ideas on:

  • How to plan your celebration
  • Things you can do that are simple and fun
  • Lesson plans
  • Meeting a poet
  • Keeping poetry on the programme

Download a classroom toolkit to help you prepare and celebrate the day, if you’re looking for more resources, here’s a link to the National Poetry Day resource section.