Lifelong Ambition Primary School Teacher

Jenny had a lifelong ambition to work with young children, being a primary school teacher was a dream job. However, money pressures at an early age took her into a different, more corporate career path. It wasn’t until her late 30’s she decided to take a step back and reflect on her lifestyle and job satisfaction. It was then she considered the prospect of becoming a primary school teacher.

Following the recommendation from a friend, she took the advice of doing some volunteering work first, so she could experience first-hand the day to day challenges of being a primary school teacher.

Jenny quickly adapted to this new environment and signed up to do a 3-year online degree whilst working full-time as a primary teaching assistant, which was all work- based learning. Although Jenny took a large salary cut from her corporate position to a teaching assistant in a primary school, the benefits far outweighed the reduced income.

“Every day is different, the rewards of seeing a child progress and learn is wonderful, you can see the delight as they learn to read, write a letter to the parents or read the time and you’re helping them every step of the way.”

“It wasn’t easy changing direction, but I’m so glad I took the time to explore the idea of becoming a primary school teacher.”

Once qualified Jenny decided to become a supply primary school teacher, so she could add some flexibility into her life. The demand for experienced primary school teachers is quite high, so there’s always plenty of choice and work across Lancashire.

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