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Questioning for Learning workshop at the University of Lancaster

Teachers ask up to two questions every minute.

That’s up to 400 in a day.

Around 70,000 a year!

That’s two or three million questions in the course of a career!!!!!!!!!

So shouldn’t we make them good ones?

Questioning is the most common form of interaction between teacher and pupil, and is an element of virtually every type and model of lesson. But it is often a part of classroom teaching that is neglected.

Key Stage Teacher Supply in conjunction with the University of Edge Hill are delighted to be able to offer you a real engaging  workshop on the 25th February  5pm – 7pm.

We have 5 places left  ! Contact Shauna on 01524 597170.

This course will consider the reasons why questioning is so important, look into what makes effective questioning and investigate ways of structuring questions to ensure that all pupils are challenged appropriately.


Published Date: 17th February 2014
Category: Lancaster