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Why I Work for Key Stage Teacher Supply

The girls at Key Stage are wonder women!  Over the past 8 years, I have been able to confidently rely on them to provide me with fulfilling day-to-day supply work whilst re-training & then trying to pursue a career as an actress.

More often than not, being a day-to-day supply teacher, I can end up getting last minute calls into schools.  Sometimes the schools can be a fair distance away (at my request – they never send me somewhere I’m not happy to go to) and can take me a while to get there…at times after school starts.  They always do their best though to reassure both myself and the school that I will be there ready and raring to go and that the school are okay with the situation.  Sometimes traffic can be an issue but again a quick call & the team come to my rescue!  They are always very diplomatic in their communication skills and clearly express their gratitude for my efforts…it’s always nice to feel appreciated.

What makes my day go better is the fact that the team take the time to get to know me as a person and as a teacher, so that they know exactly what my skills are and what areas of teaching I enjoy most.  Job satisfaction for their teachers is very important to them.  Some days a job may turn out to be what neither they nor I expected but they are always open to honest feedback.  No matter how I maybe feeling, at the end of a hard day I know that I can call them & they will listen with empathy & the desire to make things better for both myself & the school concerned.

Working for a company like Key Stage Teacher Supply, where I feel valued on many levels, impacts my professional attitude no end.  When I go into a school, I want to do my best on behalf of the agency.  Some days I can turn up at 9am, if it is a last minute call, with the children coming through the door and not a clue as to what I am going to do, as perhaps no work has been left!  This can often be the case if the absent member of staff has called in sick last minute.  The team however always warn me to ‘take something just in case’ so I always have ‘my bag of tricks’ to hand! And if nothing I have seems to ‘do the trick’, I just have a quick look at the children’s books followed by a quick scout around the classroom to see what I can find that will fit the bill.  ‘When there’s a will there’s a way’ & I will be forever indebted to the team at Key Stage for inspiring that will in me.

Being a supply teacher is not an easy job as you can often feel quite isolated & ‘out on a limb’, so it’s important to work for an agency you can depend on for support & whom you can trust.  Key Stage is just that agency!  Thanks girls!

Anthea Carpenter-Procter, July 2012

Published Date: 6th August 2012
Category: Key Stage Supply
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