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A day in the life of an Education Consultant at Key Stage Teacher Supply

It’s 7.30am, the phone is getting ‘hot’ as I have just taken my 10th call from a local school requesting cover for that day.

My brain goes into Key Stage Teacher Supply recruitment mode as I start to prioritise my workload – I have 5-10 minutes to get back to my schools to advise them who is coming along to work with their children for the day.

As I am a very well organised Education Consultant (this skill plays a part in my success), I have put several of my candidates on standby last night, so I know straight away who to call. It’s now only 7.42am.

Oh goodness, another 4 requirements have come in – I so love the buzz at this time in the morning and it certainly draws on my other skills to do the job well – COMMUNICATION, ORGANISATION, CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS, WORKING TO TIGHT DEADLINES, REMAINING CALM, FINDING SOLUTIONS, DELIVERING EXCELLENT CUSTOMER CARE… I could go on…

Phew! By 8.10am, everyone is in place and I have 15 happy schools and 15 happy candidates.

Now for a quick refreshment (coffee time!), and then I call some schools to determine if they need my spare candidates (if I don’t do it, another agency will – and I like to seize every opportunity).

I have from 9.00am until 5.00pm now to resource and interview candidates, fill bookings, arrange visits to see my clients, complete some new business opportunities. I have already pre-planned my day so I am able to get straight onto things.

My objectives for the day and week are set, and it is such a rewarding experience when I get through them and even achieve further results – just taken in a long term job from my school after following up a lead AND I’ve just taken in a day’s booking for a teacher that I ‘spec’ed’ in.

So glad that Key Stage Teacher Supply have given me the confidence, support and tools to run a really successful desk, and that they acknowledge my contribution.

I have been here for over 3 years now and I work with a great team – we work hard and play hard and laugh along the way.

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Published Date: 30th August 2016
Category: Key Stage Supply