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Rainy day for umbrella companies?

New HMRC rules on claiming expenses mean that there may be no advantage in using umbrella companies any longer.

We at Key Stage Teacher Supply have always had an in-house PAYE payroll department – and we suggest that anyone who is currently being paid by the umbrella method is put on the standard PAYE module.

Many of our competitors have outsourced their payroll and are still encouraging their workers to stick with the umbrella module. Some are offering ‘freebies’ and discount cards. However, if this applies to you, please ensure that you are not charged an administration fee for processing your wages.

Most of our supply staff prefer the PAYE module as there is less administration and no additional costs. In many cases they have discovered that they are better off than they would be if they were paid through an umbrella company, especially as some of these companies charge up to £30 per week administration.

Something to think about…

If you are currently paid through an umbrella company and would prefer to be paid through our in-house payroll, please get in touch with Colette on 01254 298600.

Published Date: 13th April 2016
Category: General