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Key Stage Teacher Supply’s top tips to help you combat your sleep troubles

We all know how hard our working day can be after a bad night’s sleep, but as a teacher not only do you have yourself to think about, you need to look after your pupils too. On top of this, a heavy, tired head has never been known to mix well with a loud and energetic classroom.

Find the best bed time for you!

Everyone really is different, some people spring out of bed in the morning, whereas for others it can be a painful experience. I’m sure all of you have heard that it is the be all and end all that we get eight hours sleep each night, I honestly think I used to have nightmares about what may happen if I didn’t get those magical eight hours. Well we can now confirm that your life will not fall apart at the seams if you don’t precisely hit that magic number, however, research shows that between seven and nine hours is essential each night.

Routine Routine Routine!

Once you have found the right bed time for you, stick to it! Even at weekends if you can. This will avoid the threat of “social jetlag”, which involves trying to wind your body clock back to a reasonable bedtime after busy Friday and Saturday nights spent with friends and family after a hectic week.

Too cold? Too Hot?

Research shows that it could be the temperature of your feet that is coming in-between you and your sleep.  If you are prone to cold feet make sure you wrap them up in some cosy socks! And if you really want to ensure that your sleep is serene, scientists recommend that your bedroom is a temperature just above 18 degrees Celsius, with a humidity of 65%.

The Dark Side

The dark side absolutely is the best side when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep. Sleeping in the pitch black is key to having a power boosting sleep, not only does it make your body reach a state of rest quicker, it also works wonders for your metabolism, meaning that those Christmas pounds that we still haven’t managed to burn off will disappear faster all thanks to a good night’s sleep.

Put the laptop down

As culprits of watching the latest TV series on a laptop before bed ourselves, we know that it may seem like a great idea to do this in order to switch off at the end of your busy day. But the light off your laptop/ phone/ tablet is actually preventing you from sleeping.  The perfect wind down is proven to be reading a book before drifting off to sleep, so give it a go, you may even remember how much you used to love reading a book from cover to cover before modern technology came along.


If you are still having no luck with getting a restful night’s sleep after trying out all the previous tips, why not give mediation a go? The Key Stage team have found it puts us in a positive state of mind and even if it does not send us into a deep sleep immediately, it certainly helps to clear our heads, allowing us to switch off from the day and give us a little bit more energy to keep up with all the activities of the working day ahead.

J. Jackson

Published Date: 20th January 2016
Category: General