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Feedback from the Phonics Workshop

We hope everyone who attended the Phonics workshop last Thursday, run by Edge Hill university, enjoyed and gained something from it!  We got some really positive feedback and just wanted to share the feedback from one of our Teachers from Blackburn:

“Working as a day to day supply teacher in Primary Schools with little access to training on recent government initiatives, I am regularly challenged with teaching phonics, which I find quite tricky.  This course was therefore extremely useful and a revelation to me in terms of the standards schools are expected to reach in teaching phonics.  Catherine (the course tutor) gave lots of great tips and ideas along with resource references in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.”

We thought it would be helpful to those who could not attend to include some of the resources that were mentioned in the workshop.  Please see the links below for different websites/videos that can be a useful aid when teaching/supporting phonics lessons.

A video about the alphabetic code & sounds:

The following link gives you the Rose report, “Independent review of the teaching of early reading”, in a PDF format:

We shall advise you shortly of our future workshops for 2013-2014.



Published Date: 2nd July 2013
Category: General