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British Council is urging UK students to learn a language in 2016

With an ever decreasing demand for modern language courses at both GCSE and degree level, our nervous emotions associated with speaking a foreign language abroad do not look set to change.

Can it be said that we British rely on the fact that English is one of the most common languages spoken across the world and has our reliance on this caused us to fall behind those who have grown up learning English as there second language?

As a nation surrounded by growing economies such as China, which hosts the most widely spoken language of Mandarin, British businesses are at threat of being pushed to the side lines due to the language barrier that we have created for ourselves, as a result of not developing our foreign language skills.

In response to this threatening future image the British Council is encouraging UK residents to begin learning a foreign language in 2016. Not only will this enhance individual lives, but it will also benefit the United Kingdom as a whole.

With a change in individual’s attitudes towards learning a new language, it can be judged that in the near future there will be an increase in demand for foreign language teachers.

Furthermore, those of you who love teaching a language, but also enjoy being able to jet off to countries across the globe whenever you want to, as a supply teacher you can get the best of both worlds, share your knowledge and fit your work schedule around your travels.

Fingers crossed the end of 2016 will see British travellers expanding their holiday conversations beyond ‘Hola’ and ‘Bonjour’, but we shall just have to wait and see.

J. Jackson

Published Date: 6th January 2016
Category: General