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Having worked for Key Stage for almost 2 academic years, I am really pleased with the way the agency have supported me and provided me with suitable and varied work. They have viewed me as an individual with unique needs and have sought out work which has furthered my career working in schools. All the staff at Key Stage have been great but Becky, particularly in my first year, was very instrumental in helping me progress.
In addition, I attended 2 excellent courses organised by Key Stage on teaching primary Maths and English in my first year with the agency.

A big thank you to everyone at the agency.

Susan M. - March 2018

Having done supply work and gained experience with a number of different agencies I registered with key Stage Teaching Supply through their Lancaster office. I have always found them to be professional, efficient and courteous. Andrea especially for me has been excellent to work with. She has sent me work that is relevant to my skill sets and worked with me rather than only trying to squeeze me into situations that merely suit the need - which can be the case with other agencies.

I have been challenged and stretched but not pushed aggressively and I have loved the chance to develop skills in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

I would not hesitate to recommend Key Stage.

Ben M. - March 2018

I have been working for key stage for a few years having worked for a number of different agencies across Cumbria/ North Lancs. I would highly recommend using Key stage, especially due to the professional and enthusiastic service Holly (Lancaster base) provides. Holly knows exactly which age group and days I want to work with but also knows I am flexible so will ask me about different age groups I may want to try. She keeps me in the loop and, unlike other agencies, with her friendly approach, makes you feel like a person rather than just a number.

Emma H. - March 2018

I think key stage staff are very helpful.I have never worked for an agency before and everyone is supportive. All the staff at the Chorley office that I have dealt with are lovely and are always at the end of a phone if I need advice

Pauline E. - March 2018

Key Stage is a great agency filled with enthusiastic and committed consultants, who all work as part of a great team working to get you the job you want and are great at finding work for the days i am available. They find out where and how you want to work. Couldn’t be happier!

Joanne C. - March 2018

The staff at Key Stage are wonderful! It’s is not often that I do not have the option to work. They always try their very best to get me the positions I ask for and are always available to talk to to me when I have questions. Jody, Claire and Chrissie swap things around to give me the best opportunities that they can and I appreciate it a lot! Could not imagine working for another agency.

Rachel S. - March 2018

I have loved working with Key Stage. Pam in particular (from the Chorley branch) has been very attentive to my requirements. I find that this take of treating both the agencies and candidates needs with equal measure to be the most refreshing.

Rosemina B. - March 2018

Key stage has been extremely professional and approachable since I have begun working with them. They are always willing to help with any concerns I have. They are also very good at keeping in touch on a regular basis.

Katie F. - March 2018

I’m very happy I joined Key Stage, everyone is very kind and friendly and provide work that is suitable for me. I like that I am always kept up to date, through calls, text and emails for possible work I may want. I enjoy the nurseries and schools I have worked at so far, and look forward to more work. Thank you guys! I appreciate it!

Nursery Assistant - March 2018

I have had a thoroughly positive experience in the 4 years I have been working for Key Stage. The staff are always friendly and professional and are always a pleasure to speak to. I would definitely recommend Key Stage as a supply agency for a teacher looking for work.

Claire O. - March 2018

I have been registered with Key Stage since 2015 and have found every member of staff I've spoken to or corresponded with on any level to be polite, helpful and really friendly.
I've never had to ring the office to ask for work as I've always been called first with any jobs that may be suitable for me. Thank you for all your help guys!

Stacy R. - March 2018

The Lancaster office is amazing, the staff, especially Andrea, know me so well and always send work my way.

Lisa W. - March 2018

My experience so far has been professional and very helpful. My registration interview with Holly was straightforward and I came away feeling very positive. I haven't started working with Key Stage yet but look forward to it.

Gina L. - March 2018

Key Stage Teacher Supply are a professional and friendly team. They are always willing to answer queries and easy to contact. They have helped me to find regular work over 3 years now and I have no complaints!

Sarah W. - March 2018

I was so nervous giving up a permanent contract to work as a supply teacher but Holly has been amazing, and the schools she he sent me to have had fantastic support from headteachers and other staff. I am now enjoying teaching again. Thank you Holly!

Claire S. - March 2018

Key Stage is the best agency I've worked with for personal, friendly service! They're always looking out for your personal needs, whether you want to work full time or 1 day a week. They are on your side.

Debbie C. - March 2018

I’ve had an amazing time working with Key Stage. Chrissie and Claire at the Blackburn branch of Key Stage are so kind and supportive and have helped me go into excellent roles as a Level 2 TA. They’re understanding and always try to find roles catered to me that I will enjoy.

Jordanne B. - March 2018

The team at Key Stage are a very kind and professional group of people. From the moment I walked into the branch office and was offered a cup of coffee to the welcome phone calls checking everything is going well in my current post, the whole team have been very supportive and thoughtful. This is my first experience of working with an agency and I was quite apprehensive but I am so pleased that I signed up as I have had a very positive experience.

Emma - March 2018

Key Stage are second to none. I have worked with both the Lancaster team and the Blackburn team.

I worked for the Lancaster agency during my NQT year. Working as a Supply teacher as an NQT isn’t always easy, but with Key Stage it is. The training they provide, the thoughtful placements and supportive team all meant I had an extremely successful time. I gained lots of valuable experience, all of which put me in a fantastic position when applying for jobs and eventually earning a fantastic job in an outstanding school.

Having been so successful with them in Lancaster during my NQT year I then chose to work for their Blackburn branch 3 years later when moving to Bury from Lancaster.

Although they are a little far from Bury I chose Key Stage over local agencies as their commitment to me and to providing me with flexible short & long term is fantastic. The whole team, at both branches, are welcoming, supportive, happy & friendly. I can’t think of a single time I have rang and haven’t felt valued and appreciated.

Thank you to everybody at Key Stage, I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Emma O. - March 2018

Working with Key Stage as an NQT allowed me the opportunity to form positive relationships with a number of schools, from which I was able to gain full time employment at a school I had been doing cover work for. The team are all really friendly and are always looking to get exactly what you want from being with them.

Joe S. - March 2018

I was a member of a few agencies but Key Stage were by far the best in terms of approachability and finding me work. Clear information was given before each placement and any problems I had, if any, were always well received and dealt with professionally.

Thanks for all the work while I was with you.

Danny Y. - March 2018

It is more than a year I joined Stage Supply Agency. All the lovely girls working in Blackburn office are so nice, helpful and supportive.
I find Key Stage understand the requirements of each individual and allocate assignments suit to their subject speciality.
I find them very caring. I had a very good experience, working with Edd, who has left and found the new venture for him.
I am really looking forward for working with the team again soon.

Nighat A. - March 2018

Key Stage have been friendly from the beginning, you always keep in touch even though my availability isn’t massive! You always try to get me some work for the days i am available. You’re always available to answer any questions, the whole process of joining the agency was straight forward and easy. The interview was nice and chatty, which made me feel comfortable. Thank you for your constant support in finding the right jobs for me.

Fahima B. - March 2018

Key Stage Supply have placed me in excellent temporary placements. They have been able to find both short term placements lasting a day or two, which is great when you are between jobs and also long term positions such as maternity cover, lasting several months. I have been involved in jobs at different grades which provide a great deal of variety and helps gain more experience enabling me to be more flexible.
I have always found the staff in the Chorley Office, particularly Jane Scott, the Managing Director, extremely helpful and supportive, always very pleasant to deal with, making them a pleasure to work for.
I am registered with several agencies and have worked for Key Stage for approximately 5 years. Key Stage are my favourite and first choice because they always find me local and interesting work and manage to find very suitable placements.
I have no complaints, am very satisfied with the service they provide and I hope to continue working for them for many years to come.

Denise G. - March 208

Key Stage have been wonderful to work for. They have given me my confidence back and have secured me a fantastic part time teaching post that I absolutely adore and they’ve helped me fall back in love with teaching.

Teacher - March 2018

Key Stage is such a lovely agency who genuinely care for you and want to see you achieve your career goals. I’ve loved working for them & will be forever thankful for the advice and support given by all at the Chorley branch! I would always recommend Key Stage.

James R. - March 2018

The staff at Key Stage are always very friendly and helpful. I foster a young child so need to be quite flexible with my working hours. Key Stage are extremely accommodating and willing to work around my fostering role.

Karen H. - March 2018

I find the team at Key Stage Chorley to be extremely helpful, professional and friendly - especially Becky. Every time you ring the office they know who you are. There communication is great they always return calls and messages when they say they will. At Key Stage you are a valued person not just another person on their books. The staff match you to roles you ask for and never try to push you into unsuitable roles as I’ve had happen with other agencies. They also try to negotiate the best rates and conditions that suit you. They check in on you to ensure you and happy and enjoying work. They treat you as individuals and genuinely seem to care about you - what more could you ask for in an agency!

Gillian M. - March 2018

Key Stage are an excellent company to work for.
The staff are always professional, cheerful, friendly and polite whenever I speak to them on the phone. They are always happy to listen and discuss any queries/requests and try hard to fulfil them.
They try hard to place you with your favourite placements and the best days/hours to suit your individual requirements.
Amanda is always very polite and cheerful, which makes such a different. No pressure is ever put on you to attend work placements so your not left feeling guilty.

Linda R. - March 2018

My experience with Key Stage has been brilliant so far and I am sure it will continue to be so in the future. Your team has always solved/answered any issues or questions I've had whether that's regarding work or any query I've had about time sheets etc. They are super friendly, understanding, very patient and very helpful. Ultimately your team has made me feel comfortable to go out and work in different settings, increasing my confidence and for that I am very grateful. Therefore I 100% stand by it when I say your team has allowed me to grow as a person and for that I know joining Key Stage was absolutely right thing to do and probably the best decision I've made till date!

Maryam K. - March 2018

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