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Rainy day for umbrella companies?

New HMRC rules on claiming expenses mean that there may be no advantage in using umbrella companies any longer.

We at Key Stage Teacher Supply have always had an in-house PAYE payroll department – and we suggest that anyone who is currently being paid by the umbrella method is put on the standard PAYE module.

Many of our competitors have outsourced their payroll and are still encouraging their workers to stick with the umbrella module. Some are offering ‘freebies’ and discount cards. However, if this applies to you, please ensure that you are not charged an administration fee for processing your wages.

Most of our supply staff prefer the PAYE module as there is less administration and no additional costs. In many cases they have discovered that they are better off than they would be if they were paid through an umbrella company, especially as some of these companies charge up to £30 per week administration.

Something to think about…

If you are currently paid through an umbrella company and would prefer to be paid through our in-house payroll, please get in touch with Colette on 01254 298600.


Published Date: 13th April 2016
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Key Stage Teacher Supply’s top tips to help you combat your sleep troubles

We all know how hard our working day can be after a bad night’s sleep, but as a teacher not only do you have yourself to think about, you need to look after your pupils too. On top of this, a heavy, tired head has never been known to mix well with a loud and energetic classroom.

Find the best bed time for you!

Everyone really is different, some people spring out of bed in the morning, whereas for others it can be a painful experience. I’m sure all of you have heard that it is the be all and end all that we get eight hours sleep each night, I honestly think I used to have nightmares about what may happen if I didn’t get those magical eight hours. Well we can now confirm that your life will not fall apart at the seams if you don’t precisely hit that magic number, however, research shows that between seven and nine hours is essential each night.

Routine Routine Routine!

Once you have found the right bed time for you, stick to it! Even at weekends if you can. This will avoid the threat of “social jetlag”, which involves trying to wind your body clock back to a reasonable bedtime after busy Friday and Saturday nights spent with friends and family after a hectic week.

Too cold? Too Hot?

Research shows that it could be the temperature of your feet that is coming in-between you and your sleep.  If you are prone to cold feet make sure you wrap them up in some cosy socks! And if you really want to ensure that your sleep is serene, scientists recommend that your bedroom is a temperature just above 18 degrees Celsius, with a humidity of 65%.

The Dark Side

The dark side absolutely is the best side when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep. Sleeping in the pitch black is key to having a power boosting sleep, not only does it make your body reach a state of rest quicker, it also works wonders for your metabolism, meaning that those Christmas pounds that we still haven’t managed to burn off will disappear faster all thanks to a good night’s sleep.

Put the laptop down

As culprits of watching the latest TV series on a laptop before bed ourselves, we know that it may seem like a great idea to do this in order to switch off at the end of your busy day. But the light off your laptop/ phone/ tablet is actually preventing you from sleeping.  The perfect wind down is proven to be reading a book before drifting off to sleep, so give it a go, you may even remember how much you used to love reading a book from cover to cover before modern technology came along.


If you are still having no luck with getting a restful night’s sleep after trying out all the previous tips, why not give mediation a go? The Key Stage team have found it puts us in a positive state of mind and even if it does not send us into a deep sleep immediately, it certainly helps to clear our heads, allowing us to switch off from the day and give us a little bit more energy to keep up with all the activities of the working day ahead.

J. Jackson


Published Date: 20th January 2016
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British Council is urging UK students to learn a language in 2016

With an ever decreasing demand for modern language courses at both GCSE and degree level, our nervous emotions associated with speaking a foreign language abroad do not look set to change.

Can it be said that we British rely on the fact that English is one of the most common languages spoken across the world and has our reliance on this caused us to fall behind those who have grown up learning English as there second language?

As a nation surrounded by growing economies such as China, which hosts the most widely spoken language of Mandarin, British businesses are at threat of being pushed to the side lines due to the language barrier that we have created for ourselves, as a result of not developing our foreign language skills.

In response to this threatening future image the British Council is encouraging UK residents to begin learning a foreign language in 2016. Not only will this enhance individual lives, but it will also benefit the United Kingdom as a whole.

With a change in individual’s attitudes towards learning a new language, it can be judged that in the near future there will be an increase in demand for foreign language teachers.

Furthermore, those of you who love teaching a language, but also enjoy being able to jet off to countries across the globe whenever you want to, as a supply teacher you can get the best of both worlds, share your knowledge and fit your work schedule around your travels.

Fingers crossed the end of 2016 will see British travellers expanding their holiday conversations beyond ‘Hola’ and ‘Bonjour’, but we shall just have to wait and see.

J. Jackson


Published Date: 6th January 2016
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STEM – Inspiring the next generation

We are looking to recruit supply teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects all year round here at Key Stage Teacher Supply. We always have short and long-term work available for teachers of these subjects across Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire.

Supply teaching can be a springboard to longer term opportunities, and also broadens your teaching experience. What better way to inspire the next generation of technologists, engineers, scientists and mathematicians?

Read more here.

To register, call Catherine on 01254 507210.


Published Date: 2nd December 2014
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Stay in touch with Key Stage Teacher Supply

Do you know that 36% of internet users view websites daily on their mobile phones?

This number is growing and growing and so, here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we have decided to join in with the mobile revolution and have created a user-friendly mobile site that is easy to navigate on the go. With information updated daily and all of our supply teaching jobs at the touch of your fingertips, we’re sure you’ll love our new mobile site.

You can also find us on Facebook, where we post jobs, news from within the company and information on any workshops we are providing. For a more in depth view, you can look on our blog, where you can find detailed information on what’s going on within the company.

We are also now on Twitter where you can follow us and keep up to date with the latest jobs and news from our Blackburn, Chorley, Lancaster and Warrington divisions.

Along with all of these ways to contact us, we always love to hear from you face to face and on the phone. However you chose to stay in touch with us, we strive to ensure that you are always kept up to date with the latest news and goings on from within Key Stage Teacher Supply.


Published Date: 5th September 2014
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We just love our job !

Our  dedicated, fun loving and hard working  teams in our Branches in Chorley, Blackburn, Lancaster and Warrington just love finding you supply work in Lancashire and Cumbria.

With over 80 years recruitment experience between us, we are confident to match you to the right school or nursery and if you are happy, we certainly are !

It really means a lot to us when we get feedback about our service and what our candidates say about us. It just gives us great job satisfaction in knowing that both you and the children have had a great day of learning.

This is so important to us.




Published Date: 19th February 2014
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Interview skills for teachers

Interviews for teaching posts come in several forms, but are always tough, rigorous and – above all – nerve-wracking for the interviewee.  The internet is full of hints and tips for interview success, some of which are contradictory. The links below are focused specifically on education jobs, and are particularly useful.

This interactive mock-interview is particularly handy, as the answers you choose lead to a variety of related follow-up questions. Really good for thinking through possible questions and preparing yourself.

This Guardian article is an amusing but very sensible source of advice, and there are links to interesting related articles:

The basic message to take away from these and other sources of advice is to prepare thoroughly and stay calm, and it’s hard to imagine going too far wrong if you do. Best of luck!



Published Date: 24th January 2014
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Secondary Teachers – Northwich, Crewe area

Key Stage Teacher Supply are looking for secondary teachers who specialise in all subjects to join our busy team  of supply staff in the Warrington branch. We are ideally looking to register candidates who live within the CW4 & CW6 area to support our schools in the Crewe/Cheshire area.

We need enthusiastic and reliable individuals who are ready and willing to commit to long term bookings and also be open to last minute/day to day supply cover.

As we are approaching our busiest time of the year, you will need to be available for immediate interview. To book your registration now call Linda on 01925 594494.


Published Date: 8th November 2013
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Summer Interviews Available!

Primary and Secondary Teachers!
Are you looking for work in September?
We at the Blackburn branch of Key Stage Teacher Supply have interview slots available in August and September.
Register now to be available for work in the Autumn term.
We look forward to hearing from you!


Published Date: 24th July 2013
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What are your plans for the summer?

There has been a lot of talk in the news about the future of the six week summer holiday, but for now you still have a lovely long break to look forward to. We at Key Stage are all very jealous … but we wish you a lovely summer – whether you are working elsewhere, going away, or relaxing at home.

Perhaps you haven’t made any particular plans yet. If you have the time and are stuck for ideas, then how about some voluntary work abroad? These sites offer links to some fantastic opportunities in a wide range of locations:

Alternatively, there are ways to get involved much closer to home:

Whatever you do, have a great summer!


Published Date: 19th July 2013
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