Our best recruiters spend most of their day talking either on the phone or at meetings, talking to new or existing clients and candidates within the education sector.

They are selling themselves and our business, over-coming objections, developing relationships and building new people networks, understanding what clients and candidates want and need, problem solving, taking their best opportunities and people to the market, managing and making placements. These posts are not just about finding jobs to fill, it is a whole lot more.

Recruitment is a dynamic, fast-paced and highly competitive industry. People join us from all walks of life, but they all share the same qualities.

We offer a supported process that treats everyone with respect, professionalism and foster a mutual understanding of good communication to keep each other updated so we are adapting to changing needs, as well as offering appropriate placements.


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Operating in the education sector you must have a strong work ethic and be passionate with a ‘can do’ attitude to succeed. Tenacious and resilient with the ability to persist, ask questions, overcome objections and stay in control. Possess the drive, determination and energy that this industry needs. 

You should be a good communicator with great phone presence and be able to quickly engage people and build a rapport with them. Being an active listener who can quickly assess what someone’s needs are and being able to offer our services through positively influencing them is a key skill.  

You should be an ambitious individual that demonstrates self-motivation, a drive to succeed, with a proven record of outstanding sales and recruitment performance. The ability to work on your own but also be a team player is an essential quality for smooth operational running.

You should be efficient, organised and be able to prioritise a stretching workload in a fast-paced environment. You have to make good decisions every day about how you spend your time and be able to prioritise which clients, jobs, and candidate related tasks you deal with first. You will need to have the ability to work under pressure in a targeted environment, with a positive outlook.

Being innovative by presenting your own ideas for improvement and your positive attitude towards change due to operational advances is an important company value. Having a strong sense of urgency that makes things happen and being accountable for your own work in order to meet deadlines based on targets, will help you to succeed.  

You will have experience of building and managing a busy supply desk. An interest in education and knowledge of current trends and developments within the education sector would be helpful. You may have experience of working within the education recruitment sector, or you may have experience of working in another sector, that involves customer interface on a daily basis.