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Anti-Bullying Week – some information and resources……/…/

Above are some links to information and resources for national Anti-Bullying Week, which starts today and continues until Friday.

Here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we are always keen to support initiatives that make schools happier and safer places for students and staff alike. Our recruitment process places great emphasis on the importance of safeguarding children, and we believe that having high quality teachers and support staff in schools helps to foster an environment where students feel safe, and also feel secure in raising any issues they may be experiencing.

To find out more about Key Stage Teacher Supply, please visit or call us on 01254 507210.


Published Date: 14th November 2016
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World Science Day

Today is World Science Day, where we celebrate the contribution that scientists make to the world as a whole and to our everyday lives – and think about about ways to support the development of our future scientists in schools.

Nationally, there is a shortage of teachers across all science subjects, and that is reflected in the high levels of demand that Key Stage Teacher Supply experience all year round from schools across Lancashire and Cumbria. While that is a problem that national government is investing in with bursaries and other incentives to train, it does put existing science teachers in a good position – very much in demand!

If you are looking for work in secondary schools across Lancashire or Cumbria, please give us a call on 01254 507210. We have branches in Blackburn, Chorley and Lancaster serving over 300 local schools, and we have year-round opportunities for short and long-term work.



Published Date: 10th November 2016
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Recruitment… What sector is best for you?


I started my Recruitment career the same way many of us have… I fell into it.

One day fresh off a training course as a lettings agent. Feeling like the wolf of Wall Street, ready to pounce on the next deal, I showed a gentleman round a flat. This dilapidated flat had barely enough room to swing a cat as well as having the most basic kitchen with no oven! It was grotty. However using my fantastic new sales techniques I made this squalid bedsit look like Buckingham Palace!

The man that viewed the flat happened to be the MD of a Recruitment consultancy! Following the viewing he pretty much stalked me with emails, leaving business cards on my desk and of course LinkedIn messages. He told me he had a job for me in Recruitment and about the benefits of becoming a Recruitment Consultant. With minimal understanding of the industry and a bit of research I made the leap…

My first Recruitment role was working for a start-up Recruitment to Recruitment to Recruitment consultancy on a FREEZING cold desk. If you speak with any Recruitment consultant they see R2R’s as the black sheep in Recruitment… They are selling sand in the dessert! My Recruitment to Recruitment career had many rocky moments and also lots of rewards and triumphs. Trying to master the role myself in a tiny start-up company and convince graduates that it is the best career opportunity for them and they must come into Recruitment as well as trying to convince very experienced Consultants to move companies for a better deal was an interesting experience (that I continued for the next two years).

Was this the best Sector for me? At the time… I’m not too sure. I had minimal experience within Recruitment so I was interviewing consultants with much more experience than I did. I was also concentrating on working with Graduates and again not being a graduate myself, I was less able to relate to the candidates I was speaking with… Never the less I still made money, placements and progressed!

Due to the company relocating and my Single parent status chaining me to a certain location, I was thrust back into the Recruitment world myself and finding a new role.

My second Recruitment role… Thinking I was now the Recruitment guru after having two years in my past company. I jumped feet first into opening up a new desk and sector within a local Recruitment consultancy… Not only was it a new sector to them it was also a new sector to me and a duel temp and perm desk… Again completely new to me!

This was a commercial and industrial Recruitment desk… it was scattered Recruitment placing anyone and everyone within a geographical area. This was mass Recruitment for tiny margins. As well as perm placements in between. For my personality this was a great Sector. However with vast changes happening in the company I moved onto an Engineering desk… Account managing!!

Engineering is a technical sector… It is marrying skills on a CV with skills needed on a Job description. This is a sector again I had no relation to. However this is not a sector that needs people with engineering experience or knowledge. If this was 360 Recruitment experience within engineering it may have suited me however as a Recruiter it is all about the BD/sales and Money for me!

Thankfully a local Education Recruitment Business that I had previously been in contact with through my R2R days got in contact and offered me a role. (They had offered previously however time was a key factor in not accepting previously) This company offered a warm desk that needs developing, supplying local Education staff to local Primary Schools.

As a parent of a primary School child myself this is something I can vastly relate to. More so than any other sector that I have worked within. I was very quickly able to build relationships with Schools and Teachers understanding their job roles and their working patterns.

Working in a Sector that I can relate to and I am highly passionate about is like a breath of fresh air! Knowing that my child would not have a Teacher if companies like Key Stage didn’t provide supply staff to Schools is something that hit home! As well as this making sure that Schools have consistency and fluency for children with supply staff is again so important.

Taking all of the experience and skills I have gained in previous Recruitment positions and utilizing all of them in Education Recruitment has resulted in one very happy and high billing consultant!

Holly Austin, Education Consultant


Published Date: 1st November 2016
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Places are now limited for the Primary Curriculum Training

Key Stage Teacher Supply are delighted to offer you English and Mathematics interactive primary curriculum workshops in November!

The workshops will be delivered by two experienced Primary Advisory Consultants who will offer you:

• An up to date and interactive overview of the new curriculum
• Lots of ideas and activities to adapt for your own classrooms whilst on supply
• More confidence in working with the updated Maths and English curriculum

The English workshops will be on Monday 14th November and Monday 21st November, 5.00-7.00pm at Chorley Woodlands Conference Centre. Cost £ 30.00 – this covers both sessions. You can only book a place if you can attend both sessions.

The Maths workshops will be on Wednesday 16th November and Wednesday 23rd November, 5.00-7.00pm at Chorley Woodlands Conference Centre. Cost £ 30.00 – this covers both sessions. Again, you can only book on the Maths course if you can attend BOTH sessions.

Hurry! Places are limited!

To secure a place you need to email me at – and then make payment to your local branch with cash or a cheque, or you can send a cheque (made payable to ‘Key Stage Teacher Supply’) to: Catherine Byrom, Key Stage Teacher Supply, 9 Preston New Road, Blackburn, BB2 1AR.


Published Date: 1st November 2016
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