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A day in the life of an Education Consultant at Key Stage Teacher Supply

It’s 7.30am, the phone is getting ‘hot’ as I have just taken my 10th call from a local school requesting cover for that day.

My brain goes into Key Stage Teacher Supply recruitment mode as I start to prioritise my workload – I have 5-10 minutes to get back to my schools to advise them who is coming along to work with their children for the day.

As I am a very well organised Education Consultant (this skill plays a part in my success), I have put several of my candidates on standby last night, so I know straight away who to call. It’s now only 7.42am.

Oh goodness, another 4 requirements have come in – I so love the buzz at this time in the morning and it certainly draws on my other skills to do the job well – COMMUNICATION, ORGANISATION, CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS, WORKING TO TIGHT DEADLINES, REMAINING CALM, FINDING SOLUTIONS, DELIVERING EXCELLENT CUSTOMER CARE… I could go on…

Phew! By 8.10am, everyone is in place and I have 15 happy schools and 15 happy candidates.

Now for a quick refreshment (coffee time!), and then I call some schools to determine if they need my spare candidates (if I don’t do it, another agency will – and I like to seize every opportunity).

I have from 9.00am until 5.00pm now to resource and interview candidates, fill bookings, arrange visits to see my clients, complete some new business opportunities. I have already pre-planned my day so I am able to get straight onto things.

My objectives for the day and week are set, and it is such a rewarding experience when I get through them and even achieve further results – just taken in a long term job from my school after following up a lead AND I’ve just taken in a day’s booking for a teacher that I ‘spec’ed’ in.

So glad that Key Stage Teacher Supply have given me the confidence, support and tools to run a really successful desk, and that they acknowledge my contribution.

I have been here for over 3 years now and I work with a great team – we work hard and play hard and laugh along the way.

Would this day appeal to you? Interested in working for a company that really cares about your success? Then contact us now for further details. Call 01254 507210 or email your CV to


Published Date: 30th August 2016
Category: Key Stage Supply



Improve your CV to maximise your job prospects!

Here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we get requests for staff to fill long term positions all year round, and It really helps us out if our candidates have a suitable CV ready for us to send out to schools.

We have a template on our website that is an easy-to-use layout that is really well-presented and popular with our client schools and nurseries. Just click here.

With over 300 schools and nurseries across Lancashire and Cumbria, we place lots of teachers and teaching assistants in long term jobs every year, and having an up-to-date CV that really sells your skills is a vital part of that!


Published Date: 25th August 2016
Category: General