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Making the move from secondary to primary…

Here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we regularly hear from teachers looking to transition from secondary teaching to primary. While there is no official ‘route’ from one to the other, here are a few important factors to consider:

The primary curriculum

Primary teachers and leaders need a much broader understanding of the curriculum, with no heads of department to rely on. Making the transition from secondary primary means moving away from subject specialism, and this is something to think.


There is much more interaction with parents when you are a primary teacher or leader, simply because more children will be picked up and dropped off for school. This is of course a good thing, and many primary heads are outside every day to greet children and parents as they leave and arrive.

Pupil behaviour

Every bit as much of an issue at primary level as it is at secondary – so don’t expect this to be much easier than what you are used to. Younger children often have the added frustration of not being able to fully articulate why they are angry or upset.


In general, primary schools are much smaller than secondaries, and so you will need to be of an all-rounder if you are aiming for a leadership role as you will have a smaller team around you than in an equivalent secondary role.


Perhaps most importantly – are there any networks that you can tap into/ Are there peers who can mentor you and help point you to research and good practice?

When we receive queries about making the transition, we generally recommend a period of voluntary work in a local primary, just to give you a feel for the environment, and allow you to make to best decision about your next move. That might not always be necessary though – especially if you have transition experience with Year 6/7 students. As ever, if you would like more information or advice, just give us a call on 01254 507210.


Published Date: 31st May 2016
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See what our NQTs are saying about us…

When I completed my Primary PGCE, I didn’t want to rush into a job and get stuck somewhere I didn’t really want to work. Key Stage offered me the opportunity to get hands on experience in the classroom, as well as developing my skills in a variety of different settings. I’ve really enjoyed working for Key Stage as they always provide a very professional service to me and the schools I am going into. I have found lots of benefits to working on supply. First, I am able to envisage working in an environment prior to applying for any positions available. I am constantly developing the skills I’ve learned during my PGCE, and I am able to see how other people teach and adapt my own practice based on these observations.

I understand that some NQTs will be feeling daunted at this time as they haven’t secured a job yet. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone. I prefer the day-to-day bookings, but I have been offered long term supply – so the work is out there. Last but not least, I always get paid on time!’

S. Beaumont, Newly Qualified Primary Teacher

Here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we have 16 years experience in placing NQTs in their first bookings, and supporting them every step of the way in launching their teaching careers. We have branches in Blackburn, Chorley and Lancaster, providing supply teachers to over 300 schools across Lancashire and Cumbria Рso local, accessible work is always available. We have a mix of day-to-day and long-term bookings all year round Рwith NQT induction available in many long-term placements.

Call Catherine on 01254 507210 to find out more – or email your CV to


Published Date: 20th May 2016
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