10 tips to cool down

10 tips to cool down
Do you know how to keep children cool in the pending heatwave? As we will see temperatures soar in the early part of this week, we have listed 10 tips to help keep children cool. 10 tips to cool down are summarised from the advice issued from the Department for Health and Social Care. Children are less unable to regulate their body temperature than adults leaving them susceptible to heat stroke and dehydration, so minimising overheating is important.

Advice from the Department of Health and Social Care has been summarised in to the following 10 tips but to read the guidance in full, click here . The Department of Health and Social Care recommends that:

  1. children should not take part in vigorous physical activity on very hot days of 30 degrees +,
  2. children should wear loose, light-coloured clothing to help keep cool, along with sunhats
  3. children should stay in the shade as much as possible
  4. children should wear sunscreen
  5. children should be provided with plenty of water
  6. school windows should be opened as early as possible in the morning before children arrive
  7. school windows should be closed when the outdoor air becomes warmer than the air indoors
  8. indoor blinds or curtains should be closed but should not block ventilation
  9. electric lighting should be kept to a minimum
  10. equipment should not be left in ‘standby mode’ as this generates heat.