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I'd like to give my feedback about Key Stage. I have really enjoyed working for this company. Key Stage have opened up a lot of opportunities for me and have also allowed me to improve my confidence massively. Working in different schools and nurseries is such an amazing experience, and being able to explore how teachers teach and how schools and nurseries work is something that will help me in the future.
I am absolutely glad that I joined key Stage and I look forward to working in more schools in September!

A. Karolia, Teaching Assistant

I'm Neil, and I've been signed up with Key Stage as a supply teacher (Geography specialist) since Nov 2015. As it happens I have been hired to do a maternity cover for 9 months beginning in September, so my work via Key Stage will end for now.

I'd just like to provide you with some feedback on Andrea and the team in Lancaster, from a supply teacher perspective - it's been an absolute pleasure to work them all, very professional, well organised, and everything works like clockwork. I've had experience of two other agencies, and the guys in Lancaster are better by a mile. The schools they have sent me to all speak very highly of them, and that's because they're dependable and professional.

N. Stevenson, Teacher

I'd just like to say what a lovely friendly team you have at Key Stage Supply.

It's been a pleasure to work for you these past 2 years; the schools I've taught at have been a sheer delight.
I taught for 20 years in Birmingham and so to move to a more rural area has been a challenge but working through Key Stage Supply has been
a most rewarding experience and I am sending you my thanks for enabling me to end my teaching career on such a happy and positive note.

Long may your good work continue!

R. Simpson, Teacher

I have worked for Key Stage Supply for nearly five years after finishing thirty years of full time teaching and starting training at theological college. Over the past few years they have always been very helpful in fitting around my needs for daily teaching roles in a variety of schools. They have found work for me covering long term sickness, termly contracts and day to day supply to fit around my training.
The staff are always very professional, helpful and encouraging, and are willing to accommodate a variety of needs. They are always very professional in their approach and in dealing with requests asked of them.
Through them I have developed some very good relationships with the schools I have worked for and they always listen to what my needs are so they match the schools requirements in which they send me.
They arrange various training courses to keep all their candidates up to date with what is going on in education so they are all well trained and ready to teach in a professional manner.
I would recommend people to work for Key Stage Supply as they are the best agency I have worked under and will continue to work with in the future.

B. Pack, Teacher

Working for Key Stage is a pleasant and refreshing experience. They are professional, friendly, honest and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend them as an agency to work with.

D. Beveridge, Teacher

I joined Key Stage nearly three years ago on friends and colleagues' recommendations. We are all qualified teachers and have different requirements from the supply work that involved education and working with children.
Key Stage allowed me the flexibility to accept posts with shorter hours of work in order to suit my lifestyle , whereas my colleagues required longer terms of work or work around childcare. Key Stage were able to accommodate all of these requirements, plus working within specific age ranges that suited our employment experience.
When I am approached for work, all the staff at the Chorley branch are friendly, easy to speak to and recognise the needs of the supply teacher. Dedicated supply work can be lonely due to the short term nature of many of the posts but Key Stage staff always have time for a chat as well as being able to answer questions related to the basics of the role such as the schools, administration and advice on banking and welfare.

S. Horne, Teacher

I love working for Key Stage Teacher Supply for a number of reasons. Firstly ,they keep in regular contact, even when I am not able to do much work for them due to other commitments, and they are also always actively trying to source me more work. The rate of pay is better than other agencies I have used and everything is done very professionally. The most important thing to me though is how lovely all of the team are - I feel like a part of a family or group of friends. The staff genuinely care about me, and my family and, without fail, when I speak to my named consultant Edd, he asks how everybody is and remembers the names of my husband and family etc. We have been through some tough times recently and Edd, and the rest of the staff, have been genuinely concerned and really lovely with me. Thanks to everyone at Key Stage, it's a pleasure working with you!

C. Ollett, Teacher

As a lone-parent running my own home, looking after my daughter and dealing with the loss of my mother recently; I have not needed a counsellor...simply the staff at Key Stage Teacher Supply in Chorley to keep me going!

Perhaps because I have been registered and working on and off with Key Stage for nearly 8 years that kind of friendship grows. Not only have I had personal support but I have been constantly offered educational training programmes that link with the National Curriculum’s ongoing changes.

The beauty of supply with this hard working small team is that they get to know where clients fit in - which schools you like and which schools like you! Becky, Pam and Pat all get to know you, direct and guide you to becoming confident about working in any school. I have covered from Reception through to Y6 and I have learnt so much!

F. Cunningham, Teacher

Key Stage have always provided excellent service since I engaged with them as supply teaching agency. I have been provided with regular work assignments and greatly value the professional relationship which has developed between us. My usual contact, Pam, maintains weekly contact and provides me with first class support/updates etc, as required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Key Stage to others who may be looking for teaching supply work.

S. Davies, Teacher

Key Stage Supply Chorley provide me with friendly and reliable service and acknowledge my personal preferences, experience and work requirements to secure the right contracts for me.

H. Worden, Teacher

I have been working through Key Stage Supply agency for two years and, in that time, I have had plenty of work to keep me happy.
With Key Stage, it isn’t just the sourcing of work that is impressive, I have found the support through regular “catch up calls” very welcome. Through these conversations, we have been able to discuss further opportunities, strengths and areas for development.
Key Stage have been able to place me in schools that have been welcoming and supportive. An initial description of the workings of the school is always useful and shows that this agency knows and understands the needs of the school and the skills that the teacher can deliver.
Frequent opportunities for professional development are a major advantage in the changing world of education. Keeping up to date with advances in pedagogy has allowed me to enter each new classroom with confidence.

G. Robinson, Teacher

Having worked with Key Stage Supply for the last seven years, I have always found the staff to be professional, friendly and supportive. They have a good knowledge of their schools and try to ensure that there aren't too many surprises for the unsuspecting supply teacher. I look forward to continuing our reliable relationship for the foreseeable future.

G. Taylor, Teacher

Dear Jody - I have just learned that you are about to go on maternity leave. Many many congratulations!! I can't believe you have worked up to this point - so well done. It's time to hopefully have a little rest before your little one arrives.

I just want to wish you all the very best, and hopefully we'll all be updated with news as things happen. I am so glad you'll be back, but enjoy your time at home until November, although I know you'll have your hands full.

You are one of the loveliest people I have ever had the privilege to deal with. Your care and attention for your clients and understanding of their needs, is second to none. Everyone at Key Stage is brilliant, and I have always had real consideration for all my circumstances, situations and preferences. I have always had a good relationship with everyone, and miss some of your previous colleagues. However, I have always wanted to say to you, 'Jody - don't you ever leave!' - certainly not without telling me. People have left and it would have been lovely to wish them well. I would certainly want to do that with you. But thankfully you'll be back!

Anyway sweetheart you take care of yourself and I'll look forward to receiving some lovely news very soon.

Very many thanks again.

D. Farmer, Teaching Assistant

Just wanted to say thank you for the birthday card sent from Key Stage. What a great gesture that really shows the class of you and the company. Happy Christmas to all - have a proper rest!

S. Plowes, Teacher

I choose to work for Key Stage for many reasons. Firstly the office staff are friendly and helpful. The schools have been lovely and I appreciate the background information you send. Also your rate of pay is very good and there are no umbrella companies involved.

I. Skelhorn, Teacher

I choose to work for Key Stage because ...
1. The staff are friendly and helpful.
2. I have the flexibility to choose when and where I want to work.
3. I'm always informed with what is happening.
4. The staff always do their best to find me the work that I want.

K. Carter, Teaching Assistant

The staff at Key Stage do their best to place you in a school of your choice. They are always friendly and helpful and keep in touch regularly. I always recommend Key Stage to other people interested in supply or cover supervisor work.

J. Powell, Teacher

I have chosen to work with Key Stage Teacher Supply because of the friendliness of the staff and the regularity of the work. I also appreciate the advance notification of available work and the efficient support given in response to any queries.

Looking forward to working with everyone again this year.

S. Barnett, Teacher

I chose to work with Key Stage Supply as I had already provided references for several friends who signed on with them. I spoke to the Lancaster Office in the early days and was impressed by them. Ex colleagues recommended them and when I went in to see them they were helpful, friendly and professional!

M. Carr, Teacher

I have worked for Key Stage Teacher Supply for over 10 years and could not be happier. You always ensure I am placed in fantastic settings in EYFS. Everyone at both Chorley and Blackburn are approachable and do their best to ensure I have lots of work. All staff are supportive and keep in touch regularly. I wouldn't work for any other agency.

N. Mattthews, Teacher

I choose to work with Key Stage Teacher Supply because they are an excellent supply agency. All the staff working there are always friendly, informative and helpful.

S. Torrans, Administrator

I choose to work with Key Stage because they are always polite and helpful and fit work around my training needs. They always respond to any requests I make in a professional manner. I have been sent to some wonderful schools and have made lots of new friends through the agency. I look forward to continuing to work alongside you all.

B. Pack, Teacher

The reason I chose to work with Key Stage Teacher Supply was because I was recommended by a friend who had worked for you in the past. I have since worked with you for about four and a half years and have been very happy with the company. Your team have always been friendly and helpful and have kept me busy. Thank you.

J. Nutter, Teacher

Why I choose to work for Key Stage:
1) If I'm honest, you were the first agency I dealt with and I hate change!
2) Your staff, particularly at the Lancaster branch (Andrea in particular) but also Blackburn (Kelly) and Chorley (the new lady on secondary whose name escapes me) go the extra mile, are beyond helpful and friendly and have really supported me!
3) I like local firms - you can contact people really easily that way
4) You offer the best terms and conditions of any agency I've come across
5) There's almost a family feel to Key Stage, with it being a local company
6) You've put me in some fantastic schools - Lancaster Royal Grammar, Ripley, St Christopher's, Standish...

C. Hartnett, Teacher

I choose to work for Key Stage as the office staff are always friendly and caring, they find me work on a regular basis and I prefer the way you pay us (not via an umbrella company) but a wages department which are very, very efficient and helpful.

P. Davenport, Teaching Assistant

I choose to work with Key Stage Teacher Supply as I have found them to be very efficient, friendly, approachable and understanding of my individual requirements. They have been excellent in keeping contact with me and finding out my availability each week and maintaining genuine interest. Key Stage have a wide range of service users within the North West.

R. Andrew, Teacher

I have worked for you for quite a while now because:
1. From when I first registered with Key Stage Teacher Supply, I have been offered assignments on a regular basis.
2. I think the staff are professional, easy to deal with and supportive.
3. I know I'm a good and professional candidate and I do feel there is a mutual respect in the working relationship between me and Key Stage.
4. So, I've simply not felt the need to go anywhere else.

W. McLean-Schipperijn, Teaching Assistant

I have stayed with Key Stage as the staff are friendly and approachable.
They are understanding and flexible.

L. Irvine, Teaching Assistant

The staff are friendly, helpful, good communicators, and most importantly of all, they have regularly provided me with appropriate supply work.

R. Jakubovic, Teaching Assistant

The original reason I chose to work for Key Stage is because my mum recommended you, as she was working for you at the time. More recently, it is because I like the honest and sincere approach of your team, which my experience shows some other agencies don't have.

T. Crane, Teacher

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